Jim Mockaitis

jimJim Mockaitis is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Oregon, and holds an MS in Counseling from OSU-Cascades and an MS in Educational Administration from PSU. His training included a practicum at Pfeifer and Associates, an outpatient addictions clinic, followed by a year-long internship, as the primary mental health provider at Volunteers in Medicine. He continues to provide some services to VIM and the Mosaic Clinic.

Jim takes a person- centered approach in therapy. He believes that each person, given the appropriate support, has an innate ability and longing to navigate through, heal and emerge enriched from life’s challenges. He respects the autonomy of the client, empowering the individual to find his/her own answers, peace and direction for their lives. He has a sensitivity and appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual and the ‘re-creative’ spirit in us all. Jim’s philosophy is encapsulated well when he says, “We are all just trying to find our way. We are good. We are all gift.”

Individuals ~ Adolescents ~ Couples/ Families ~ Groups 

Men’s Issue’s ~ Addictions 

Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Trauma  ~ PTSD

Healing for church related wounds 

Healing with Music 

~ Mind/ Body ~ 

(541) 617-0543 

Individual $95 (50 min). Couples $150 (80 min.)

Families and Group work fees vary.

Some reduced rates possible.                                Visa/MC




Some things you might find interesting about me……and some of the life lessons I’ve learned.

  • I am a native of the Chicago area, but have lived in Bend since 1984, (when our town’s population was 17,800).

Lesson learned: “Wherever you go, there you are”…..but sometimes it’s easier to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams when you’re somewhere else.”

  • The origin of my last name is Lithuanian. All four of my grandparents were from “the old country”. I am the second generation of my family in this country.

Lesson learned: The value of family and our family stories are deeply personal and powerful in shaping us.

  • I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oregon.

Lesson learned: “It takes a lot of work to become a professional counselor. It’s good and important to be proud of one’s accomplishments…..but sometimes that’s not easy.”

  • Counseling is my “Encore” career, having come into this profession later in my professional life. The desire to pursue this career lasted over twenty years, through many life experiences, career moves and personal challenges.

Lesson learned: “Never give up dreaming. Funny how life comes together sometimes and opportunities do come around.”

  • My educational background includes a BA degree in Music from St. Xavier University in Chicago, an MS in Educational Administration from Portland State University, and an MS in Counseling, from Oregon State University, Cascade Campus here in Bend.

Lesson learned: “We can do so many things in life. No time is wasted. Everything contributes.”

  • I enjoy music and believe it can be an effective and healing tool. I sing, play the guitar and the piano. I also have a passion for gardening. Yes….even in Central Oregon, where one must be the eternal optimist! I love spending time outdoors in the splendor of beautiful Central Oregon.

Lesson learned: “It’s important to remember to have things for the soul too.”

  • I consider my faith and relationship with God to be central to my life.

Lesson learned: “Among countless other things…It’s not easy to have a relationship with God, …or God with me.”

  • I love being a counselor. I have a passion for this work.

Lesson learned: “Every day I am reminded what a sacred honor it is to be entrusted with another person’s life story, and to play a role in their healing process. It can be quite inspirational. With the right support and compassion, I believe we can find the power within us to make the changes we desire.” While we are all bonded together in our humanity, it’s the human experience that also makes us uniquely individual. I never give up on my clients.”